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112: Some Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

Okay, is it just me or do you get the same feeling I do that some changes need to be forthcoming with the Braves current pitching staff? Randle Delgado and Mike Minor are currently auditioning to be be the next Kyle Davis and Jo Jo Reyes. Yes, I realize the Braves are currently in first place in their division but I do not believe they have the team to hold serve when they only have three legit starting pitchers in the fold.

Questions abound as to what is wrong with Jair Jurrjens, who is currently holding down a spot in Gwennett. Is is a mental thing or is he biding his time to join Derrek Lowe on the island of misfit pitchers? Speaking of Derreck Lowe, did anyone else besides the GM of the Cleveland Indians really think DLowe would be leading the American League in ERA at this juncture? Does anyone think the Braves can find a fourth starter for $5 million difference in what the Braves traded Lowe for to reduce their payroll?

I guess I would have to say that Mike (start me or trade me) Minor is my biggest disappointment right now. When will a rookie pitcher not named Stephen Strausburg get the benefit of the call several inches off the plate? Everyone else better show they have enough stuff to get it past major league hitters. Minor looks smooth enough with his delivery and his fast ball has plenty of giddy up on it but like JJ, it looks flat with little movement. Just like sitting it on a tee for big league hitters.

We have seen this before, guys like Chuck James who looked good for a short while and fizzled. I mean, even solo homeruns can add up but like Delgado yesterday, you walk guys ahead of big boppers you are playing with matches during the dry season. You don’t have to be tipping your pitches when everybody in the park knows you are not going to get the calls on the edges and you have to throw a fast ball over the middle of the plate.

It’s still early but Wren and company need to stop the bleeding pretty soon. The Phillies have learned how to win with who the have and the Nats are not going away anytime soon. That plus Chipper is still the engine that drives the Braves’ bus. At least until Uggla can get it started in the four hole.


111: One Down Five To Go.

With a highly successful April squarely in the rear view mirror, the 2012 edition of the Atlanta Braves appear to have made the monumental collapse of September behind them.

Sadly, it looks as if the Braves stellar pitching staff has developed a case of amnesia too. Maybe they have decided they no longer need to throw shutouts each time out or maybe they have collectively decided they are not going to allow their arms to fall off mid season. Whatever, it appears this Braves team is going to be a grip it and rip it sort of club.

Whichever, as long as they continue to stay near the top of the standings, we will get to view the ageless Chipper Jones suit up for one final post season.

Of course, it is way too early to really draw any conclusions about the 2012 team. We still have not seen them play all of the NL East rivals and upon further review, they have not exactly been world beaters when you think about it. After all, they are 2-4 against the Mets and 1-2 verses the Phillies. They have yet to play the Nats and the Marlins so who knows how they will fare against those two. Currently, Washington looks to be World Series bound and the Malins smell like they have been beached. Still another couple of weeks before we play them and the whole world can change in that amount of time as far as baseball is concerned.

That said, lets hang on for the ride because whatever awaits, it looks to be interesting.

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