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79: Wandering Around the Ballpark….

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by FloridaBravesGirl

I haven’t been to Turner Field for a few years… I was happy to see that the big chopping cow is not really that prominent & most unhappy to see that the BBQ no longer bears Skip & Pete’s names. Boo hiss.

Is anything cuter than those Little Leaguers parading around the field?

O Canada was sung beautifully by a member of the Atlanta Opera, followed by a somewhat less-polished Star Spangled Banner by a children’s choir. The entertainment value makes up for the few wince-inducing notes.

I was not aware there was a Kosher Day but the rabbi throwing out the first pitch sure seemed excited. Nice throw, sir.

Why do cheap hot dogs taste so good at the ballpark?

Filled out your All-Star ballots yet? I did a handful.

Why do the Braves hire the DMV photographer to take their player pics? Eek.

A very cool thing the Braves are doing: the Hometown Hero presentation. Every Sun. they introduce a recently returned local soldier on the field. The standing ovation for that gentleman was long & loud.

Do y’all think they have fans blowing the cinnamon-glazed nuts’ aroma into the stands? Mmm.

Even when he’s hurting Chipper still comes up with the big hit.

Woohoo! Diory’s 1st ( & 2nd) ML hit! Hope there’s many more.

A 7-run 7th! Jim, Don & Jake got to give away $$$ on radio.

Mac must have known I was wearing my new #16 shirt. That was worth sitting through a rainout the previous Sun., driving down in the rain & back home in a monsoon.



78: What do you think??

Comments and articles herein are the intellectual property and opinions of the writers and may not be copied without permission of the writers.

by Voice of Reason Raisins (even tho’ he doesn’t know it! CL 😆 )

OK… even tough I am covered up with work (when the secretary was laid off, I absorbed ALL of her duties) I have to pose this question:

Now that it is Chipper’s elbow, can we at least begin again the discussion about a move across the diamond? He will most likely miss tonight’s game solely because he cannot make a throw from 3B. His bat? Gone… His presence? Gone… No knock on Kotch, who has done everything he is expected to do and then some, but he ain’t Chipper. Is it at least a valid talking point?

This is such a complex issue, though. As you all know, Casey is productive. He hits; he doesn’t strike out; he does all of the little things right; he plays a phenomenal defensive 1B; he does everything you want BUT hit for power. And he isn’t Chipper.

The flip side is… who plays 3B? Omar? He isn’t an everyday guy. Prado? Maybe, but is he Kotchman on the other side? Nice bat, good gap hitter, but not the power you want from a corner IF? There is no clear 3B anywhere in the pipeline. Van Pope? Van Nope. Eric Campbell? Not close. Brooks Conrad is interesting, but he isn’t an “up and comer”. The fact is, the Braves have no long term fill in for a guy who isn’t likely to play more than 130 games, and is getting a bit “long in the tooth”.

I have tons of respect for Chipper Jones. I am not trying to hurry any natural or unnatural process along in any way, shape or form. But at some point reason has to rule over emotion. I think we are there. I think it has to be addressed.


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